NRL Clubs No.1 ‘ENFORCER’ Ranked!

THE NRL has outlawed the shoulder charge, but it hasn’t stop these power forwards stamping their mark on the competition has some of the best enforcers in the game.

We have ranked each teams No.1 Enforcer as we enter the 2019.

16 Kevin Proctor (Titans)

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The Kiwi international is a weapon. Deceptively quick off the mark, Proctor has made a habit out of producing a big hit or providing an important line break. The 29-year old is an aggressive defender that when up and going sends fear down opposition players. Injuries have restricted Proctor from reaching his best since joing the Titans and is the reason why he kicks off our rankings.

15 Nathan Brown (Eels)

Arguably the most consistent player at Parramatta. A Tough hard working forward, who packs plenty of punch to the Eels forward pack. Well known for his work rate, big collisions and being a leader of aggression when battling the opposing NRL forward packs. Coach Brad Arthur relies on him game in and game out to play 80 minutes and he rarely lets him down.

14 Matthew Lodge (Broncos)

Well we have all seen what he can do off the field and he brings that same aggression on the field. Lodge was a real success story for the Broncos in 2018, which resulted in a contract extension with the club. Tough, hard forward that doesn’t take a backwards step and takes some stopping when he is at full charge, solid defence also.

13 Jared Waerea-Hargreaves (Roosters)

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Now the Sydney Roosters longest serving prop, Vice-Captain Jared Waerea-Hargreaves enters his tenth season at the club as one of the true squad veterans. He adds plenty of punch from the bench and will look to bring plenty of impact when his number gets called again in 2019.

12 Adam Blair (Warriors)

At age 32, he still plays with the eagerness of a 20 year old, making him one of the feared figures in terms of forwards. His hard running , hitting, and no prisoners attitude means that he one of the most feared forwards in the game today.