Brock Osweiler Gone! Tony Romo In!

The Houston Texans are understood to be ready to cut ties with Brock Osweiler and release him before free agency.

Osweiler received $21 million this year, and he’s due to make $16 million fully guaranteed in 2017.


It’s understood the Texan are set to release him because it is believed he and Head Coach Bill O’Brien do not get along, neither do any of O’Briens coaching staff and most importantly it is understood the team have lost total confidence in Osweiler.

No one will be trading for Osweiler’s contract as currently constructed. If he’s cut, his cap charge of $19 million would increase to $25 million, but it is believed the Texans want to cut the cancer from their organisation as quickly as possible.

It is not ‘if’ the Texans cut Osweiler is is ‘When.’

The Texans have already moved their focus on signing cross-town quarterback Tony Romo. Romo is believed to be open to the move since Houston is only three hours away from Dallas where Romo has his family settled in a newly built home.


Romo who will turn 37 next season is open to restructuring his contract and wants to remain in warm weather to ease his  old body and staying in Texas just makes sense.

Things are expected to heat up in Texas within the next 2 weeks once free agency kicks off on 09 March.