Broncos Edge Closer To King Dunlap Deal

The Denver Broncos look to finalize terms with Former San Diego Offensive Tackle King Dunlap.

The biggest hole in the Denver Broncos team right now and needs immediate attention is there Left Tackle and it is understood the Broncos are edging closer on a deak with Mike McCoys former player at the Chargers.


The veteran left tackle is entering his 9th year in the league(31 years old) and has been a capable left tackle for the Chargers for the past four years. Last season, he played in 12 games for the Chargers and allowed just four sacks for the season.

With very few tackle options left on the market and a weak tackle class in the draft, he is not the best option, long  term, but for ‘Now’ he is the arguably the most viable option and would be a definate upgrade from what the Broncos have now, which is No-one.

The Broncos and Mike McCoy are concerned over his durability, as Dunlap (31 year old) has missed 13 games over the past two seasons due to injury.

If healthy, Dunlap could be the best chance the Denver Broncos have without having to trade for another player.


Dunlap could make that offensive line a better from where the team stands at this point and would not cost the team much in the way of the salary cap.

A left Tackle signature could also improve the chances of the Broncos convincing Tony Romo to make the switch to the Mile High City, if and when he is released of Jerry Jones’ grasps.

Thoughts Bronco Nation – Is King Dunlap the right move?