Broncos Leave Door Open For Tony Romo

The Denvers have not shut the door on Tony Romo, but will only assess the situation once Tony Romo is actually available.

The stand-off between Denver Broncos General Manager John Elway and Dallas Cowboys owner Jerry Jones continued on Monday at the NFL’s Owners meeting this week.


There’s no denying the Broncos still have what it takes to win a Super Bowl, with there incredible defense, that won them the 2015 Super Bowl. John Elway knows he needs a game manager as his quarterback as he had with Peyton Manning in 2015.

Peyton Manning was not a offensive weapon he once was in 2015, injuries had crippled him but who knew how to manage a game and that is all you need when you have Von Miller terrorizing opposition quarterbacks.

The Broncos don’t have that game management ability with their two young quarterbacks and with John Elway’s mind set of ‘WIN NOW’ then it just makes sense to bring in Tony Romo in for 2 possibly 3 years to give time for Paxton Lynch to develop.


It is expected that Jerry Jones will release Romo at the beginning of the Cowboys OTAs, which begin in mid-April. The Cowboys Coaching along with the players do not want the distraction of Romo being around the franchise as they begin to prepare for the season

Until then the poker game continues between the Cowboys and the Broncos, with Jerry Jones fooling no-one. But John Elway is leaving the door open and available cap space for the possible inclusion of the 36-year old quarterback.