Cowboys Show Interest In Former 3rd Overall Pick – Dion Jordan

Miami Dolphins recently released their 2013 first round pick (3rd Overall) Dion Jordan and Cowboys are already showing interest.

Dion Jordan, 27, was released by the Miami Dolphins on Saturday, due to injuries and a lack of production.


At 6-6 and 275 pounds, Jordan is a incredible athlete that a number of teams will be interested in, but it seems the Cowboys are the first team set to strike.

Since joining the Dolphins, Jordan has recorded a total of 46 tackles and 3.0 sacks in just 24 games and the Dolphins needed more out of their first rounder, that never came.

Dion Jordan is on the verge of going down as one of the NFL’s all-time draft busts, but is is his potential that has the Dallas Cowboys interested in the former Oregon Product.

A fresh start could exactly what Jordan requires and although there is some concern over his injuries and suspensions, but his talent and his bargain basement price tag, is understood to be the driving factor behind the Cowboys interest.


The Cowboys want to improve their defensive line and Dion Jordan is believed to be a logical solution that Dallas is looking at.

Dion Jordan could end up being one of the biggest free agent surprises of the offseason, as he would find ample amount of playing time at the Cowboys and could be one of the steal if he can stay healthy.

It is understood the Cowboys want to Jordan to come to Dallas for a visit within the coming days.