Denver Broncos Set To Trade Up To Get Christian McCaffrey

It is understood that the Denver Broncos are prepared to Trade Up to Draft Christian McCaffrey.

It has been reported that Christian McCaffrey is the Broncos No.1 target heading into the 2017 NFL National Draft and are prepared to trade up from their current pick, 20, either with the Buffalo Bills, who currently hold pick 10 or the Cleveland Browns who’s second pick is pick 12.


Christian McCaffrey is one of the most dynamic players in this years National Draft. The Stanford running back stocks is rapidly rising and the Broncos know now they need to make a move if they want their man.

The Broncos don’t believe that McCaffrey will be around at pick 20 and they would be right, as as two teams who are interested in McCaffrey are the Phillidelphia Eagles (pick 14) and the Indialopolis Colts (Pick 15) and the Broncos.


It is believed that the Buffalo Bills first round pick is up for trade, as they do not ‘value’ any of the potential top 10 picks and are open to trade down to get value later in the draft to suit their needs. The Browns are in the same thinking and have hinted that their pick 12 is up for grab also.

For the Broncos to move up to either pick 10 or 12 that would require the Broncos to give up their second round pick – The question John Elway needs to ask himself is he willing to give up so much to get his man.


The Broncos would need to believe that Christian McCaffrey would be a Pro Bowl running back and make him a 2 contract player to justify moving up that mank pick in the Draft.

The Broncos need more playmakers for their QB, whether it’s Trevor Siemian, Paxton Lynch or Tony Romo. McCaffrey would be right there behind Demaryius Thomas and Emmanuel Sanders to drive defenses batty all over the field. New/returning offensive coordinator Mike McCoy would get the combination of what he had in Melvin Gordon and Danny Woodhead in San Diego.