Des Hasler Saves His Job after ‘Gutsy’ Bronco Victory

The Bulldogs 10-7 Victory over the Brisbane Broncos in the wet at ANZ Stadium saved Hasler’s Job.

It was reported that the Bulldogs board held a marathon board meeting held at ANZ Stadium before kick-off , debating whether of not the club should keep Des Hasler in the top job.


The outcome from the board meeting was made was simple, if the Bulldogs lost the game against the Broncos then his time in the top job would be over. But, a victory over master coach Wayne Bennett would mean the board would offer Des Hasler a revised two-year deal.

It is understood that the new 2-year contract has a performance base agreement in it, which is believed a season of not making the 8 and participating in the final would result in a board meeting to disucss his fate.

It was evident in the post match press conference that a weight had been removed from Hasler’s shoulders, but he would never admitt it.

“We had a win, so that’s the main thing,” Hasler said.

“Was there a monkey on the back? I don’t know … we just got on with the week,” .

“As I said, we were disappointing last week and we wanted to turn it around this week – life goes on.”

“We reassessed it during the week and got back out there and won the game.”