Is Adrian Peterson On the Move?

The Whispers are beginning to become increasingly louder now the 2016-17 NFL is officially over, with talks that Adrian Peterson is Set to Depart Minnesota this off-season. 

Peterson is arguably one of the best running backs and all-time and undoubtedly the best Minnesota running back of all time.


However, the 32-year old is coming off of knee surgery and has a $18 million cap hit. Which may make the Vikings choose to go in another direction next season as their offense being changed to a shot gun offense.

Pederson himself has acknowledged that a change is a real possibility and stated that their is a number of teams who has contacted his agent, regarding the possibility of switching to new colors in the summer.

Pederson stated he would be interested in playing for the Giants, Redskins, Saints, Texans, Buccaneers and even Seattle if it was the right fit for him and the team.