Is Cousins Set to Walk Away From Washington

It is believed Cousin is frustrated with the Washington Redskins and is prepared to walk away from any deal the Redskins offer him that he believes is below what he feels he is worth.

Cousin’s, 28, is a top 10 quarterback and it is time the Redskins pay him as such.


In, 2016 cousins fell just short of throwing for 5000 yards (4917), threw 25 touchdowns with a QB rating 97.2, which is lower then his 2015 QB rating of 101.6.

Asked if his contract is close to being sorted cousin’s reply was simple:

“I don’t know,”

. “I think you have to have an open mind but ultimately it’s not in my hands in the sense that the team is going to make that decision and I’ll react accordingly.”

“I’d love to have a crystal ball that tells me what I’m going to do next year and 50 years after that, but that’s not life. And that’s not life in this league. I’ll just take it a year at a time and trust in the Lord’s plan.”

Cousins played 2016 under the franchise tag, cashing in for $20 million. If the Redskins decide to tag him again, he’ll make about $24 million. The Redskins would be charged $34.48 million to franchise tag the quarterback in 2018.


Cousins is understood to have told the Redskins he will not sign another 1-year deal and is prepared to hold out if a long-term contract can not be agreed upon.

Redskins coach Jay Gruden said he expects to have Cousins back next season

“We fully anticipate Kirk coming back,” Gruden said

But as every week passes and no decision on a Cousin contract comes any clearer, other teams are starting to show interest in him as free agency comes closer and if Cousin is on the Market there will be no shortage of NFL teams who will be bidding for him in March.