James Segeyaro – Leeds & Cronulla agree on Compensation

It is understood that Super League giants and NRL’s 2016 premiers the Cronulla Sharks have agreed on a reduced transfer fee for James Segeyaro.

Segeyaro walked out on Leeds at the end of the 2016 season, vowing not to return to England to fulfill his recently signed 2-year contract extension, instead deciding to remain in Australia.


FURIOUS Leeds slapped a £250,000 price tag on the head of James Segeyaro and vowed to sue him for breach of contract.

It is believed Segyaro has been training with the Cronulla Sharks, in the hopes of an agreement between the two club could be sorted out.

After months of negotiations and player swap rumours it is understood the Sharks have satisfied the Rhinos on a compensation deal that is believed to be around half of what the Rhinos were initially asking.


The announcement of the agreement between the two clubs and the Sharks officially signing the Papua New Guinean-born International player is expected to happen in the coming weeks.