Jerry Jones Considers Kaepernick as Dak’s Back-up

Jerry Jones and the Dallas Cowboys are yet to sign a QB2 for the 2017 Season, but believe Kaepernick could be their man.

The Cowboys don’t have a backup quarterback after losing Tony Romo and Mark Sanchez at the end of the 2016 campaign and with just Kellen Moore the only support for star rookie Dak Prescott, Jones wants a veteran QB on his depth chart.


Kaepernick would be a beyond capable one. If Dak Prescott went down with an injury, Kaepernick could step in and run a similar type of offense in terms of executing zone-reads with Ezekiel Elliott.

The Asking price is what it will all come down to, with Kaepernick still believing he is worth between $10-15 million per season.

The Cowboys will not pay anywhere near that asking price for your No.2 QB, but if Jerry Jones could convince Kaepernick to join the Cowboys for between $8-9 million per season, with incentives that could see him earn close to $10 million per season then a deal could most definitely be done, sooner rather then later.