Lichaa or Garvey Set to Leave the Kennel

Michael Lichaa or Craig Garvey are expected to depart the Bulldogs before the start of the 2017 season.

The Bulldogs signing of Zac Woolford, the son of former Canberra skipper Simon Woolford, on a two-year deal has open the door for a departure of either Lichaa or Garvey. As the Bulldogs believe Zac Woolford could be the future hooker at the club.


The Bulldogs are still looking to offload players to continue to ease the salary cap pressure, which they breached it by approximately $100k and self reported to the NRL.

The Doggies recently offloaded talented young prop Llyod Perrett to Manly, and it is understood they have informed both Lichaa and Garvey they are free to look elsewhere for 2017

The Bulldogs would prefer to move Michael Lichaa on over Craig Garvey, as there is believed to be up to $150k difference in salaries, with Lichaa moving into his final year of his deal worth $300,000 per season.


Garvey showed he has what it takes to play in the NRL, replacing Lichaa after injuring his knee at the start of the 2016 season.

Lichaa, 23, a former Cronulla junior has been linked with a possible move back to Cronulla and a possible replacement for Robbie Farah at the Tigers, who signed with the Rabbitohs for the 2017 season.

As clubs continue to finalize their squads for the 2017 season, it is reportedly that Enligsh Super clubs have reached out to Lichaa’s manager Sam Ayoub on the availability of Lichaa’s service for 2017.