Manchester Rangers formally apply to Join League One

Manchester Rangers, founded as Broughton Rangers and previously known as Belle Vue Rangers, are an amateur rugby league club based in Manchester, England.

They were originally based in Broughton, Salford. The original club folded in 1955. The club resurrected under their current name in 2012.

The newly formed Manchester Rangers moved into the Manchester Regional Arena in Sport city and is located next t0 the Etihad Stadium. The stadium had previously been used by Manchester City Women and Manchester City Reverves as well as still hosting athletics.

The Rangers are believed to be a well organised club and have done their homework on what’s required to make the step up Championship League as early as 2018.

The difficulty the Rangers may face is the level of financial support they would receive in Championship 1 would not be the greatest and to be competitive in the league the Rangers initial outlay could be quite substantial.


You only have to look at the number of clubs in that division, struggling to get by both on and off the pitch to understand it can be a very difficult environment even for established professional clubs.

A club Spokesman from the Manchester Rangers said this in a statement:

“We will have no problem financially, we have the necessary procedures in place to ensure that we will remain sustainable at an increased level of expenditure.”

“Yes the step up is a big one and we will look to strengthen the playing squad as required. We have everything in place to compete at League 1 level should the RFL accept the application, we have been in discussion for over 2 years and the application submitted in the last couple of months”. He added

“It’s not something that has happened overnight, there has been an awful lot of planning to reach this point.”

“We have already identified potential player streams and the formation of our full time academy is also part of this. We have some players who can make the step up and we can further strengthen around them.”

“Toronto have assembled a squad from scratch and what a squad it is. We don’t want to just sign players, that’s not what the club is about we are working hard, and have been for a number of years, to develop local Manchester based talent.”

“Salford are a key partner for us and we work very closely with them to ensure the development plan for the city of Manchester is the best it can be. They work extremely well in the Salford district and also in Trafford with some coaching in Manchester but don’t have the resources to provide wide scale coaching.”


“Salford are a key partner for us and we work very closely with them to ensure the development plan for the city of Manchester is the best it can be.”

“Without ourselves and Mancunians coaching in the local schools and signposting to clubs the reality is there would be less Rugby League development within the city. As someone not originally from Manchester the athletic potential of young people in this area is extraordinary and could prove invaluable to Rugby League.”

The Manchester Rangers then went on to say, “Salford and Manchester are both very different and independent cities”.