New Bronco Coach Target 5 Quarterbacks for 2017

Vance Joseph is the new Denver Broncos Coach and he has indicated that the QB position needs work and he suggested that their are 5 quarterback he is interested in talking too, for next season.

We look at and rank the 5 quarterbacks that Vance Joseph is believed to have mentioned to John Elway in his 4 hour interview, that he is interested in bring to the Denver Franchise:

5 Blake Bortles: Jacksonville Jaguars


Former first-round pick Blake Bortles could be staring at a similar fate in Jacksonville as the offseason approaches as head coach Gus Bradley’s who was fired with weeks remaining in the regular season. 

Blake Bortles, 24, could still continue to develop into a franchise quarterback and in a organisation like the Denver Broncos that is built to build championships, Bortles could take his game to the next level and be the franchise quarterback the Broncos are looking for, for the next decade.

4 colin Kaepernick: San Francisco 49ers


Kaepernick contract is expected to expire  with the San Francisco 49ers and he will become a free agent for next season.

Denver took a close look at Kaepernick before his rookie season and general manager John Elway spoke glowingly of him when the Broncos hosted joint practices with San Francisco last summer. Kap is a name to watch.

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