NFL “Not Impressed” – Set to Suspend Ezekiel Elliott

Ezekiel Elliott is expected to a Suspension for his St. Patrick’s Day Parade, as NFL continues to improve their image.
Elliott, who remains under investigation for domestic violence allegations made against him last year, pulled at the top of a woman and exposed her breast in an incident that was captured on video during a St. Patrick’s Day Parade.


It is believed both the NFL and Cowboys are not impressed by Elliott’s latest incident and it is understood the Cowboys have already fined Elliot $25,000 and insisted he gives a public apology to the lady in the video.
The NFL is reportedly willing to take the incident another step further, as Elliot’s off-field incidents are starting to pile up and it is believed the NFL Commissioner Rodger Goodell is less then impressed.
The NFL has not officially closed the book on allegations of domestic violence from 2016 made by Elliott’s ex-girlfriend. At the Super Bowl, NFL commissioner Roger Goodell said there had not been any determination made on the case, which the league has investigated.


“I am not putting on any pressure on our investigators,” Goodell said
“We have highly trained, highly skilled people looking into this. We want them to be thorough and we want them to be fair and come to the right conclusion”.
“When they do, they will notify me. At this point there’s no timetable.”
This latest incident could see Elliot miss the first couple of weeks of the 2017 NFL season.