Richard Sherman – Joel Thomas Trade a Possibility

The Seattle Seahawks have entered discussion with the Cleveland Browns on a potential trade involving Sherman and Thomas.

It was reported yesterday that the Seahawks would entertain the possibility of trading Richard Sherman, but only if ‘The Price was Right’.


Sherman, 28, has been one of the best cover men in the game since 2011. The former Stanford wide receiver-turned-defensive back has made four consecutive Pro Bowls, earned three NFL All-Pro nods and been part of two Super Bowl qualifying teams in Seattle.
Sherman is currently playing on a four-year, $56M deal. The Seahawks owe Sherman $11.4M in 2017 and $11M in 2018 before he can hit the free-agent market.
Joel Thomas, 32, would definately come under the ‘The Right Price’ catergory, a 10x Pro Bowl player with the Cleveland Browns.

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It is understood that a potential ‘player-swap’ trade has the Cleveland Browns interested as they look to improve their defense for the 2017 season.
A Joel Thomas trade would definately fix Seahawks offsensive line issue and the veteran would be the perfect fit to lead what is a young and talented line.
The question now is can the two sides agree on a approaite deal to make this happen?