Super League Halves Ranked – As it Stands!

12 Joe Mellor & Tom Gilmore


Both players have had interrupted season and have rarely been on the field together. Need more time on the ground together to get a true ranking. But, with their side on the bottom of the table – the Widnes Pair kick off our rankings – Sorry Boys!

 11 Martyn Ridyard & Josh Drinkwater


Another halves combination that has little time together and as a result have the Centurions, after what was a impressive start to their Super League return, slowly falling down the table.

10 Danny Brough & Ryan Brierley (Toronto Wolfpack)


There were questions over the Giants halves pairing before the season, with Rick Stone questioning Ryan Brierley commitment to the team. Danny Brough has been Solid for Huddersfield, but his partner was, Brierley, was dropped from the side and now finds himself with a new club, the Toronto Wolfpack. It is Brough’s 9 try assists and kicking game that saved this pairing from hitting rock bottom.