Tony Romo Demands Immediate Release from Cowboys

Tony Romo is believed to have demanded a release from Cowboys Owner Jerry Jones.

Romo, 36, wants to move on from the Dallas Cowboys and was expecting to be at a new franchise by now.
Jerry Jones “Do Right” deal, is clear now it was not meant for Tony Romo, But for Jerry Jones and the Dallas Cowboys.
Romo had one of his toughest seasons in 2016, as he had to watch Dak Prescott take his starting job as the rookie led the Cowboys to an 11-5 record, a first round bye and an NFC East title.
Romo did not complain about the situation and in fact showed his true class when he gave an emotional press conference during the season conceding the fact that Prescott is now the Cowboys’ starter.

Jerry Jones needs to have the same class and release him so he can go pursue his future with a new franchise.
It is understood that with every day this drags out the once ‘close’ relationship between Romo and Jones is being teared apart.
Jones wanted a possible trade out of the Denver Broncos or the Houston Texans, hoping one would jump before the other, but both teams called the Cowboys bluff and have resisted the temptation of a trade.
If Jones releases Romo now, he knows he loses a quality quarterback and will incur a massive cap hit that can’t be spread out over the remainder of his contract.
If Jones releases after June 1st, then his cap hit can be spread over 2 years and would only cost approximately $9.8 million per season.


So the “Do Right” deal was never meant for Tony Romo, we now know it was meant only for the Cowboys organization and this has Tony Romo offside with Jerry Jones and demanding a release immediately as the respect and admiration they both had for one another is clearly slipping away.
It is understood that Jerry Jones may concede and grant Tony Romo his wish and a release is expected to happen this week – Don’t be surprised if Jerry Jones has another change of heart though and go with the business decision.
Only time will tell what Jerry Jones will do with his veteran quarterback.