Tony Romo Heading to Buffalo Bills?

Could Tony Romo land with the Bills in 2017 as the front office looks to move on from Tyrod Taylor.

The Bills have a defense that is capable of competing for a Super Bowl, but, it is their Offense under Tyrod Taylor that is holding them back, as he was only able to throw 17 touchdowns in 2016.


The Bills are believed to be wanting to move on from Tyrod Taylor, as they are losing faith in their quarterback to lead them to the Super Bowl and his unwillingness to restructure is current contract. Taylor has been with Bills since 2015, after spending 4 season in Baltimore.

If this is the case and the Bills do bring in Tony Romo, the Bills front office believe they are in their World Championship window and have a team that is capable of winning a Super Bowl.


The Bills are concerned about the 36-year old’s injuries, but the reward may out weigh the risk as a Tony Romo offense would push deep into the 2017 play-off picture.

The Bills Cap Space would needed to be worked out and a comprise on price and contract restructure with Romo would need to occur before they could bring in the highest paid QB to their franchise.