Tony Romo Heading to Denver in 2017

Could Tony Romo land with the Broncos in 2017 as John Elway looks to make the Broncos Super Bowl Contenders again?

The Broncos have a defense that is capable of competing for and winning a Super Bowl. But, it is their young quarterbacks and the lack of protection they received from thier offensive line that let them down in 2016. 

Trevor Siemian was Kubiak’s guy, but Kubiak is gone and John Elway’s guy Paxton Lynch is far from ready to lead this Super Bowling winning franchise in 2017.


So does Bringing in a 36-year old Tony Romo who will make immediate impact in the offense, even with a weak ‘O’ line just make sense?

John Elway is understood wanting to move on from Trevor Siemian, but know his guy Paxton Lynch is not ready. So bringing in Tony Romo for now to win Super Bowls, whilst Paxton Lynch continues to Develop.

If this is the case and the Broncos do bring in Tony Romo and trade away Trevor Siemian, John Elway believes they will compete for the Super Bowl Ring next season, especially with his defense he has built.


The Broncos are concerned about the 36-year old’s injuries, but the reward may out weigh the risk as a Tony Romo offense would push Broncos deep into the 2017 play-off picture.

The Broncos Cap Space would needed to be worked, and a comprise on price and contract restructure with Romo would need to occur before they could bring in the highest paid QB to their franchise.