Top 5 Cheapies for Round 5

We look at the top 5 cheapies that are set to earn you cash within the coming weeks.

5 Jamal Idris – Price:$151,000



Named to start at centre and replaces Michael Chee-Kam who finds himself on the bench and is now expected to be used in the forwards. Meaning Idris now has the potential to play 80 minutes which is good news for Fantasy Coaches who kept him on their benches.

Break Even: 13 – Round 5 Projection: 31

4 Lloyd Perrett – $147,000


Perrett has been named on Trent Barrett’s extended bench and is expected to be a late inclusion into the 17, after recovering from a fractured eye socket. Perrett only played 16 minutes in round 1 before injury his eye, but managed to score 20 points. If Barrett uses Perrett for two 20 minutes stints then a score of 30-40 points is not out of the question.

Break Even: 12 – Round 5 Projection: 34

3 Marcelo Montoya – $162,000


With Kerrod Holland out for at least another 4-6 weeks with a shoulder injury Montoya short-term security seems certain. Enters round 5 with a break even of just 10 points and is expected to increase in value by at least $10-15k.

Break Even: 10 – Round 5 Projection: 22