We Rank The 2016 No.1 Quarterbacks 1-32

Below is a ranking of all the starting quarterbacks in the 2016 season.

32) Ryan Fitzpatrick (10 TD, 17 INT)

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Fitzpatrick, was a free agent after the conclusion of the 2015 season, he threw for 31 Touchdowns 15 and had his statistically best year of his career.

The Jets eventually re-signed Fitzpatrick a one-year fully guaranteed for $12 million.

How quickly things changed in 2016, with Fitzpatrick being by far the worst QB in the league. 

The New York Jets benched him multiple times and finished second second in Interception, six of those intercepions were thrown in week 3 match-up against Kansas City Chiefs. 

Safe to say the 34-year old veteran will not be around in New York next season.

31) Jay Cutler (4 TD, 5 INT)

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Cutler’s 2016 was his worst season to date at the Chicago Bears and in the NFL. Cutler made just 5 appearances in 2016, due to a hand and shoulder injury that restricted him for the majority of the season.

Cutler looked dis-interested when he did play and will likely see the 2016 as his last in Chicago.

30) Brock Osweiler (14 TD, 16 INT)

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Ok, Texan fans this one is going to hurt seeing your $72 million dollar man ranked here.

With such high expectations before the season kicked off, those hopes quickly came crashing down when they witnessed what they had paid $72 million for over 4-years with $36 million guaranteed money.

There is no argument here, this was probably the worst signing of the 2016 offseason and Osweiler didn’t even see the entire season out with Tom Savage replacing him at the end of the season.

Even though the Texans won their division, it wasn’t due to their offense it was their defense that carried the side through the 2016 season.

The Texans will be stuck with him for the next season and Texan fans can only coach Bill O’Brien can work his magic on his play caller.

29) Case Keenum (9 TD, 11 INT)

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After drafting Jared Goff at No.1 overall in the NFL National draft, Jeff Fisher believed he was not ready for week 1 and beyond and decided his Case Keenum was his man.

Boy was he wrong, with Keenum throwing more Interceptions then he did touchdowns and eventually costing Jeff Fisher his job and his own.

Jared Goff eventually took over the No.1 quarterback position in week 11 and sent Keenum to the bench, never to seen again.