Who Will Elway Choose: T Romo or T Taylor?

The entire NFL world at Indianapolis for the 2017 NFL Scouting Combine and John Elway was seen talking to both the Cowobys and Bills.

It is understood that John Elway and the Broncos will pursue and kick wheels on Tony Romo and Tyrod Taylor is released by their respective teams.


NFL Network’s Ian Rapoport said that the Broncos were “clearly in the driver’s seat” for Romo, but are also “keeping their options open” if Bills decide to cut and move on from Tyrod Taylor, which is understood to be a 50/50 chance.


It is believed that New Broncos coach Vance Joesph has made an initial assessment of his rookie quarterbacks and believes that he needs a veteran quarterback to lead this team if they have any chance of challenging for a Super Bowl birth in 2017-18 season.

Denver Broncos vs. against the Oakland Raiders, NFL Week 17

“The team won nine games, and the perception was that the offense wasn’t very good, but in my opinion the offense was pretty good,” Joseph said. “They didn’t finish well in the red zone but the quarterbacks played well. …Offensively I think we’re close. Not as far as everyone thinks we are. On the offensive line – we need some help there. But we’re close offensively.”

Broncos Joseph Football

It is understood that if Elway decides to bring in a Romo or a Taylor the Trevor Siemian would be traded and Paxton Lynch would be the back-up and would be given more time to develop behind a Romo or a Taylor.

Thoughts Bronco Country – Which quarterback would you choose?